Ricecakes and Whoopie Pies

So I usually don't have time to post three days in a row. Especially during a crazy week. And usually I like to post about things I made myself. Because that's the point. Sharing recipes. Taking pictures of the process.

But. But today was a half day, and I have sharing I must do.

First of all, I have sung the praises of ricecakes before. I love them. I eat them all the time. And I have discovered that homemade hummus and white cheddar rice cakes are a match made in heaven. They are so good together. I don't have pictures to prove it, because I usually am eating them at school, but believe me. They are perfect.

Then, this evening, I found myself eating the most amazing whoopie pie ever. Imagine this: you are walking through the dining hall at your college, where you haven't eaten in months. You happen to look over at the shelf of fruit and desserts just as you walk by. It hasn't changed in months, so why should today be different? But then you see a bunch of small-ish whoopie pies sitting there. There are pumpkin and chocolate mocha. Pumpkin. Yum. And you do happen to have a few meal points leftover that you are saving for emergencies. It's worth a try right??
Well, whoever you are, Saffie the Neighborhood Baker, your whoopie pies are amazing.


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