Top o' the Mornin'!

Ok, so it's no longer morning. It's actually quite late in the afternoon on a beautiful St. Patrick's day.
Sometimes I forget that the weather will actually be like this daily eventually. Sometimes winter just seems to go on and on and on. But today was a wonderful tease of full out spring. Oh my goodness. There were even boys out in the river. Crazy.
So, in honor of every American's favorite Irish holiday, I made Irish Soda Bread.
I even have the remains of a block of Irish butter I bought a while ago and never used up. Perfect.

Irish soda bread, warm with butter? Plus the beautiful day? Wow.
In honor of the second beautiful day this week, I walked down to the deli to get another sandwich. Not a panini, this time, but veggies and feta. And just in case rosemary is getting jealous of thyme and paprika as my new choice for roasting veggies, I threw in some rosemary and garlic powder roasted zucchini.
I could really get used to living like this. Dishwasher, walking distance to a great deli, nice oven and kitchen, funny cat, and nice weather? Yup, I could get used to that. I love being able to walk places. I realized I miss it when I'm at school. In the middle of nowhere. Beautiful spring days always remind me of that.


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