Happy first full day of spring . . . I guess. Spring means, first and foremost, beautiful weather like last week. Secondarily, spring means allergies. Like bad allergies. Like I-can't-talk-and-couldn't-go-to-school-and-teach-today-because-I-felt-so-awful allergies. Finally, the first full day of spring is apparently an invitation to New England weather to be contrary and snow for the first time in weeks.
So, my attempts to make myself feel better today?

1.) Honey, lemon and tea. Along with some very good homemade granola I found last week.
2.) Chicken soup. Chicken soup solves anything, right?
3.) A completely Irish dinner: leftover corned beef and vegetables (minus the cabbage!) and Irish soda bread from last week.
4.) Plenty of tissues and cough drops.

I wanted to bake today. But it just didn't happen. I didn't feel motivated enough to go out of the apartment, and I didn't have all the ingredients. How unfortunate. Baking soon, I promise.


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