There are many ways to celebrate a snow day. Many, many ways. This was my choice:
Ricecakes with peanut butter/nutella, carrots and hummus, and a yummy orange. And my newest favorite movie. Add in the other student teachers down stairs who I celebrated with, and you have one happy lunch.

Ricecakes are a much overlooked food. Seriously. They can be bland, if you let them. But if you get the flavored ones (like caramel or cheddar cheese) they aren't bland at all. Then, if you get the right kinds, you can use them as a base for all sorts of yummy things like peanut butter, nutella, various jams, fluff (for caramel) or cheese spreads (for the cheddar ones). They are totally worth it. Oh, and I have been introduced to these new oranges called cara-cara oranges that look more like grapefruit inside but are sweet like oranges. They seem to be pretty uniformly good, as far as I can tell. I found them in a bag. Worth looking for.

I know, this isn't really cooking. But I was feeling a bit lazy on my snow day. So I went with the simple but yummy.


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