So you know those nights when you think you're going to make one thing for dinner and then everything just changes? Yeah. Tonight was one of those nights.

Also, NES is at a conference for work, so he's not here tonight. So I thought I'd have such a boring night to get work done . . . and here it is, 7:00 and I haven't even started doing anything teaching related. Good plan.

I had a pizza crust in the freezer . . . but it is dead. I should have checked before I got the makings for pizza, but I didn't.

Pizza crust. Cause of death: freezer burn. Sad day.

Anyway, pizza and potatoes weren't exactly the best combo anyway, so maybe this was for the best.

So I made potatoes with thyme, paprika and garlic powder . . . then decided that an omelet would use the same ingredients as the pizza I was going to make, and it would use eggs. I have eggs given to me by a friend from their own chickens, but I need to finish the store bought ones first. Frustrating. Soon enough, I guess.

So, I'm not an expert omelet maker, by any means, but I can do it. And make it come out in (mostly) one piece.

First, scramble the eggs with a little milk.
Then, pour them into a frying pan.
Let the eggs cook until they are starting to look like they are beginning to set on top.
Tonight, since the pizza was going to be pesto with tomatoes and mozzarella, I added pesto first.
Then, tomatoes.
I let them cook a little before adding the cheese.
Then I let it cook just enough to begin to melt the cheese, and flipped it in half. Then I very carefully flipped the whole thing over.

And let it cook till the cheese was melted.
Potatoes go much better with breakfast foods than pizza. Usually.
Then, my apartmentmates and I played bananagrams. I won. With fun words, might I add.
Ok, I need to get work done. For real.

Oh, and like I need another reason to love my graphing calculator: the cord to connect it to my computer is the only way I can get pictures off my camera right now because my card is being silly. I knew that graphing calculators could do everything.


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