Rice and Beans

Can you tell I'm glad it's the weekend? And I'm avoiding lesson plans this evening?

It's been quite a day: It was raw and rainy, but still pretty warm. Spring is definitely coming. I got to watch a river rushing by with melting snow. I gave and corrected three tests today. I am anticipating picking up my 4th class at school on Monday. I have a lot of work to do tonight because I have a lot of visitors coming this weekend. I have The Queen to watch tonight while lesson planning. I am hoping I can add it to my new list of favorite movies, almost all of which are British monarchy-based. I ate ice cream and mused about it. I went real grocery shopping this afternoon -- none of this "I'll pick things up on the way home from school" stuff that I've been doing for the last month. And I decided to make a "creation" for dinner. Phew.

This is HS.
He is my companion for a few days. He's a little crazy. But also a good companion. He drinks out of the faucet even though he has a water dish that bubbles for him. I don't understand cats.
I feel like when most people are staying somewhere other than home, they have a "home away from home." I feel like I have a "kitchen away from home." Is that weird?
After a week of eating rice, it seems like the last thing I would want to do is make more, right? Wrong, apparently. I have at least 2 more nights of it now that I made it again. It was also my primer on gas stoves. Who knew they could be so different?

Anyway, DR said something about rice and beans one evening this week, and I decided I wanted rice and beans (and it uses up more of my supply of rice!). I've been thinking about this creation since then. Thus, I made rice.
And, I sauted half a small yellow pepper. Just because yellow peppers are not only one of my favorite veggies, but also my favorite color. Just saying.
I added a small can of corn kernels and a rinsed can of black beans and cooked them just long enough to heat through.
I poured rice and my bean mixture into a bowl. I mixed.
I added salsa. And grated some cheddar cheese on top.
All while trying to find things in a foreign kitchen and having a cat rubbing my legs. I'm sure it was quite amusing to watch. Now to clean up the mess I made.

Oh, and my other companion is a dishwasher. Thank goodness.


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