Pi Day!

Happy Pi Day!
Pi Day is only one of the most important holidays of the mathematical year. Seriously. It's wonderful. Probably one of my favorite holidays. Well, emphasis on the "one of".

In high school, we always celebrated pi day with pies, brought in by students, of course. We had so much fun with it. Then, before this year, I was home on spring break for pi day, so I made a pie at home and brought it to my high school. I think one year we had 8 pies for a 12 person class. Gotta love Calculus classes. I even have shirt with pi on it. I wore it today. I am a nerd.

Anyway, I didn't have enough time to make pie for all 5 of my classes, plus pie takes a long time to cut and serve and eat, and as a student teacher, I didn't think it was my place to introduce such a time consuming and involved celebration to a school which doesn't celebrate pi day. So I made cookies instead.

I made a pie for myself and NES, don't worry. A real pie is a necessary component of pie day. That's another story entirely. For an afternoon when I don't have class.
Cookies are circles, at least. Circles are an important part of pi day. No circles, no need for pi. So I made these sugar cookies (from Betty Crocker, of course) because I didn't have to roll them. They worked out pretty well, actually, because they were reliably circular. And honestly, squishing balls of cookie dough with a cup is sort of a good stress release.
Then, after making 8 dozen cookies, NES and I took the time to individually draw a pi on each one of them. It really didn't take that long. And it was fun.
So I served 5 classes cookies as I handed back last Friday's tests. And it was good. I'm on their good sides . . . for now at least.
Oh, did I mention, pi is my favorite irrational number. Definitely.


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