Spreading Strawberries, Year Four

Oh, strawberry season.  It's back!  I'm headed picking with TK this week, and I can't wait!  However, regardless of my late start with picking this year, the official start of the strawberry season was this past weekend!

Remember the crazy family tradition I've now pulled out for three years in a row?  It's baaaaaack!

Between a visit with PLS, GNS, ZNS, AS and CS and fathers' day festivities this weekend (another post for another day!), there were three giant strawberry shortcakes!

But just in case you've missed it so far, these aren't your average shortcakes.

1.) There is no whipped cream anywhere nearby at this strawberry shortcake event.

Did I mention that we used a giant box and a half of Bisquick?

2.) The shortcake itself is exclusively biscuit.  Specifically biscuit made from Bisquick and milk.  It's a tradition.  It also leads to very messy, sticky fingers.

Did I mention I can never find my way around other people's kitchens?

3.) Two to two and a half recipes of Bisquick biscuits go into each greased pan.  It's messy business.

4.) In order to make the flip-flip-flip part easier, we've started slicing the cakes with unflavored dental floss.  We bought a new roll of floss this year.  It's going to be passed down through generations, I'm telling you.  It's been labelled and everything.

5.) There is a lot of butter involved.  But not nearly as much as my great-grandmother would have used.

6.) In lieu of whipped cream, the shortcakes are topped with mashed strawberries mixed with half and half.

7.) There are salads, but they are dessert.  Or at least a side.  Not the main meal.  This year, we had four salads!

8.) There is lots of visiting that goes on!  Welcome to family reunion-ville!

I'm sure there's more I could say, but I'll refer you to the original post for the full tradition.

MS was not there again, and I missed her, so mom was my helper this year!  NES helped too, but mostly he was my photographer.

NES even got his own shortcake with just butter.  He was a happy camper.

Mimi, the previous shortcake baker, even came up for consulting!  She and JD sliced and sugared a giant stock pot FULL of strawberries.  Woah.  That's the hard part.  I'm telling you.  I get the glamorous part of the job.  Really, I do!

And three shortcakes fed 19 people, with about half a cake leftover.  So much shortcake.  Yum.

Thanks to mom, NES and Mimi for their help, and to Mimi and JD for processing so many strawberries!  And thanks to NES for safely delivering one small, blue sock monkey!


  1. And was it ever yummy. Yay strawberry shortcake!

  2. Wow--pictures of me in the kitchen! Ha! Not all the berries are smashed with half and half. Some are just sliced and sugared.


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