Spreading Strawberries, Year Two

I don't think you could help but notice from my posts as of late, but it is indeed strawberry season!  Which means: family tradition.  Last year, I pulled the family tradition of strawberry shortcake, the meal, out of secrecy and into the light.  And this year, I of course continued it.
Except, this year I didn't have my assistant, MS, or photographer, PM there.  So things were a little different.  NES did most of the photograph-taking, and he and Mimi helped me with the giant shortcakes.  Which, I will say, was different, because it was from Mimi that I took over the title of shortcake baker.  
I'll spare you the long explanation this year.  Here's a summary: lots of strawberries are sliced and sugared.  Bisquick biscuit recipe is made and baked in a big pan.  The biscuit is sliced horizontally, buttered and slathered with strawberries.  This shortcake is served with mashed strawberries mixed with half and half, never whipped cream.  Oh, and there's a salad for dessert, or a side, for those who don't want their salad last.

And that's about it.  Oh, besides the fact that lots of family comes and eats it.

Also, at Mimi's request, I only used 2 Bisquick recipes per pan this year.  I was really worried about it being too thin to slice, but it worked!

And thanks to MS's wonderful idea last year, it was much, much easier to slice, thanks to some unflavored dental floss.  I am a convert to the wonders of dental floss in the kitchen.  Seriously.  It makes life so much easier.

And thanks to Mimi and JD for picking all these strawberries and preparing them!  I feel like I get the easy (and glamorous!) part of this job.  Baking is easy.  Hulling and slicing 30 pounds of strawberries?  Uhhh, that's hard work.
 Oh, and then there's all the catching up we do after.  It's like a family reunion.  All centered on strawberries! I will take that any day!


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