The Return of Mug Cake

So, this week the mug cake made it's return.  It's been a while.  

I am just usually not hungry enough for something that huge after dinner.  They are really better for sharing.  
But this past Wednesday night, I didn't really get to eat dinner.  I was having office hours and a lot of people were asking questions.  And I brought some leftover Thai food that was more like sweet and sour stir fry soup instead of an actual stir fry.  Thus I didn't get to eat much.  And it was kind of rushed.  So, I got home and decided I wanted a mug cake.  And so I made one.
I made it the way JLG did, with the peppermint extract.   And I had hot fudge, but I decided not to open a new jar just for this.  Instead, I melted chocolate chips in with the butter and used that.  It was kind of fun, because they weren't completely melted so I ended up with little bits of chocolate in the cake.  
But I also played around with the recipe a little more.  I was looking at it and I was thinking about what eating a mug cake meant.  3 Tbsp of sugar and butter?  That's a lot.  So I cut both down to 1 Tbsp.  It wasn't as good, of course, but I felt a tiny bit better about it.  A tiny bit.  At least it was pretty much dinner.  

And so begins my birthday week.  I know, I'm a little intense about my birthday week.  I think it comes with having a birthday the week after a holiday.  This year, my birthday began a little bit early.  I spent the weekend with family and NES in CT.   SJM and MJM gave us some of the stuff for our future bathroom from our registry.  Hooray for polka dots! 
And I had my carrot cake.  Mmmmmm.  It was the most beautiful carrot cake dad has ever made, I think.  It was beautiful.  And there were even Smarties (the British ones, of course!) on it!  Hooray Smarties!  And polka dots!  


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