Whoopie Pies

It's Tuesday.  I have been doing homework all day.  And this is how life is going to be for the semester.  Oh boy.  I need to find my schedule for homework.  I hope it will settle in eventually.  But for now,  The King's Speech.
And I just finished making my first meal here this semester.  It was French toast.  And it happened to be cinnamon swirl bread with cranberries that I got before Christmas and froze.  It was prefect for French toast.

Also perfect for making French toast: a sandwich container.  It fits the bread perfectly and the mixture isn't too spread out.
Yum, French toast.
Granted, this weekend was a little crazy.  Between bridesmaid dress shopping and the superbowl, I just didn't get everything I was hoping to done.  Oops.

I was hoping to make tiramisu cupcakes for NES again.  It's been a whole year since I made them.  I need to do that sometime.  But I ran out of time.  It wasn't going to happen this weekend.
So I made a mix for whoopie pies instead.  Not quite as exciting as homemade cupcakes, but when isn't a whoopie pie exciting?  SJM and MJM gave me the mix for Christmas.

They were pretty easy.

And they came out bigger than I originally thought (but still not anywhere near the whoopie pies you see in stores around here -- the things are huge!), which was good.  When I was trying to make them into 24 evenly sized "cookies", they were pretty small.

But they grew.  And looked like they had burnt.  I put them in the oven for the given amount of time, but when I opened it, there was smoke and the edges were dark, dark brown.  But I guess the smoke was from something burning to the oven.  They didn't taste burnt, which was good.
The frosting was pretty good, and although there could have been more of it (there can always be more frosting!), it was good, at least.
And sprinkles are fun.  No questions asked.  Sprinkles are fun.
Also, I did finally "finish" my granola -- a.k.a. I finally added the cinnamon almonds I forgot to try last week.  They were good.  Well, they are good in general.  But the coating kind of washed off in the milk.  Oops.
But almonds in granola are good, anyway, so why not?


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