Valentine's Day

Happy . . . belated Valentine's Day!

Hey, I made dinner, so you can't really expect me to have time to post after dinner.  We were watching a movie.

The story of Valentine's day goes back to last year.  NES and I had started dating about 3 weeks before Valentine's day.  Seriously, what do you do for Valentine's day when you haven't said "I love you" yet?  That's what Valentine's day is all about.  Anyway, NES made me eggplant parmesan for the first time last year.  It ended up being our favorite meal and he made it for me when he proposed.  I made some cheesecake cupcakes with whipped cream.  It was fun.

For this year, we decided to switch it up.  I made dinner and NES brought dessert.  Yum, cupcakes from Cake.!  They really make the best red velvet cake in the world.  I really wish we could have them make our wedding cake.  Alas.  The black tie affair cupcakes were good, too, but just not as good as the red velvet.

Anyway, back to dinner.  I started after breakfast.  I made croutons for salad.  Gotta have something to dress up a normal salad.
I was planning on making them out of some old-ish rolls in the freezer, but I took them out of the freezer early to make sure they were ok, and within a day, they molded.  Oops.

So I made them out of regular wheat bread.  I didn't think they came out as well, but they were actually more like the ones you get in the store, which coincidentally, I also don't like.  Imagine that.
But, it was pretty easy.  
No hacking up hard, crusty bread!
And there was even plenty of salad for me to add chicken, cheese and salsa for dinner to go tonight!

For actual dinner, I made beef stroganoff.  It's actually NES's recipe.  He made it for me a while ago.  I tried to be all secretive about asking for the recipe, but it was close enough for him to still suspect it.  Oh well.  It was still good.

Haha, this is what you have to do to make beef stroganoff for a person who doesn't love mushrooms (which is not me!) and a person who doesn't love shallots (which is me!):

Good thing I like chopping.

I was still working when he got here.  But it was good.
I will admit, I halved the amount of butter in the recipe.  Last time NES made it it basically just tasted like butter.  It was good, don't get me wrong.  It was wonderful.  But also, a little unhealthy.  So I cooked the beef in 2 Tbsp. and the mushrooms in 1 Tbsp.  It wasn't quite as buttery . . . well, it didn't taste like butter at all.  Maybe we'll add some more back in next time.

But, I was happy.  It came out well.  I do love beef stroganoff.
It was so nice not to have class on Valentine's day.  I spent all day (except for when I was making dinner) doing homework, but at least I was at home.  Only 21 more major homework due days for the semester!  1/4 of the way there!  Wahoo!  That also means only 21 more 8:30 am to 8:30 pm days!

NES also brought me really fun flowers. 
He got my favorites AND he put rubber duckies in them!  It was his own idea.  So cute. :)


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