Mint Chocolate Cake

So, I shared the recipe for the nutella microwave cake with JLG, and she made it tonight. And agreed that it is amazing. It's like making real (good!) cake in 5 minutes or so. She changed it a little though . . . and got rid of the nutella and added mint. I actually think I like it more. It actually has mint flavor, as opposed to the nutella one that just tasted like chocolate.
This weekend was also recital weekend: that means two things. One: lots of flowers.
Two: TONS of sugar. All over the place. It's crazy.
Just for the record, this is our "baked goods chair" -- it's cupcakes, congo bars, brownies and cookies. How often do you see all 4 at once outside of a cook book?

But try the mint mug cake. Seriously. So worth it. I have a soup mug at home . . . I think it might have just made the switch in my mind to a cake mug.


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