So, I've discovered that birthdays are very different from year to year.  I mean, not that I expect every birthday to be exactly the same, but still.  The differences between this year and last year have been striking.  Last year, I was on February vacation, surrounded by friends at school, still waiting to hear from grad schools and it was President's day.  This year, I'm in grad school, living on my own, engaged, and it was Mardi Gras.  Interesting comparison.  I guess it's really just that I've entered into the real world and am no longer in that school/home/college time of life.  It really does make more of a difference than one would think.

I didn't have time to make breakfast before heading off to give a couple of exams (and start the homework that unfortunately took me alllllll day), so I just had a bowl of granola.  But seriously, "just" is a bad word for it.  I think I finally found my favorite granola ever.  More on that to come.

But for lunch, I made myself French toast.  I had to have something fun!

Wow. The nutella in the middle was great, but it made for one sweet stack of French toast.  I think I'll try it without the cinnamon swirl bread next time.  It was just one too many flavors.  I also didn't follow the recipe exactly, I just used one egg, a 1/4 cup or so of milk and a dash of vanilla for the egg mixture.

But it was really good.  Definitely going to happen again.

It's basically a French toast-ified nutella sandwich.  What can be bad about that?

Yum!  Look at the gooey warm nutella . . . It makes me want to go get the nutella out of the cabinet and start eating it by the spoonful.
And the syrup probably added to the over sweetness, but that's ok!  What's french toast without syrup?

And, shockingly enough for me, I didn't even have cake on my birthday!  NES and I ordered some after dinner, but another birthday celebrator took the last piece.  So we had a brownie sundae instead.  It was pretty amazing.  Yum.

And it even snowed!  Even if just a little!
But, based on my birthday present, I think my fiance knows me pretty well . . .
As does my mother!


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