Grilled Cheese . . . Livened Up a Little

Here's the situation.  It's Friday night.  NES and I were planning on going to Friendly's after I finished grading exams.  (Which only took 3 hours this time instead of last semester's 5+!  Hooray!) But NES was not feeling good, so we didn't get to go.  (In the end, this was good -- he didn't end up really getting sick.  Definitely a good thing!  Rest wins again!)  But, this meant we were both craving Friendly's food.  However, I, instead of being smart and realizing we could just go out the next night, decided to go get falafel.  I mean, I don't regret this decision.  I ended up eating falafel, sour cream and cheddar chips and carrots while watching the Young Victoria, looking at pins on Pinterest AND looking at wedding magazines.
But, anyway, moral of the story: on Friday night I didn't want to go out again, especially because I knew we were going out on Saturday and Sunday.  And probably Tuesday.  So, finding something to make it was.  I went to Pinterest (my new obsession!) and looked through my recipe pins.

So, the thing about Pinterest: I've only had an account for two weeks, and I've used it infinitely more than Facebook.  I've tried recipes, and we even found our wedding ring idea on Pinterest!

As so often happens, I found these first.  Why do side dishes always seem to come before main dishes?  Who knows.  I think it's a great mystery of meal planning.

So NES and I went to get makings for the fries and paninis.  I had also recently seen this on Pinterest.  And I mean, who can really resist guacamole?  Well, I guess if you don't like it you can.  But you're really missing out.

So, I got guacamole.  Even though everyone didn't necessarily like it.  I'm a selfish person.  But who would really complain about cheese and bacon?  Yeah, so I don't feel too bad.
So, we made paninis with provolone, muenster, guacamole and bacon, on ciabatta bread.  It was pretty amazing.
They were huge, and kind of, well greasy.  So, maybe it wasn't REALLY any better than going out anyway.  Oops.  Oh well.  It's not like I eat like this every day.
I also did make the fries, except there wasn't any rosemary (sad day).  I made a lot (like way too many for 5 people a lot) and they were hard to mix.  I was also lazy and didn't flip them.  And forgot salt.  Oops.  So, needless to say, they were a little disappointing.  Not my most proud cooking moment.

But it was a gooooood Friday night junk food dinner.  Yum.

And then AB, NES and I went to Friendly's on Sunday.  It's not like Friendly's has the best food ever, but sometimes you just need their food.  If you're not from New England, you wouldn't get it.  I would suggest the next time you see a Friendly's, stop.  It's just good American style food.  I even had leftovers for before class tonight.  So, it all worked out in the end.

Now, what to make myself for birthday breakfast . . . well, more likely, lunch?  I have to be here to give an exam in the morning.  But this is my 17th straight school year with no classes on my birthday!  Muhahaha!  But this stretch can't last forever . . .


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