May Day Swap Reveal

So, if you remember, way back when in December, I did my first blogger swap!  Well, I just did a second!

This one was organized by LJG of According to Laura Jean!  (She's another fellow Peony!)  This swap was a little different, in that it was just a May day basket swap (not color related), and I wasn't paired with a single partner.  I sent a package off to the midwest, and one came to me from the southwest!

May Day isn't a holiday I usually think about, but it does remind me of my childhood.  Of course, in elementary school, we made the occasional May Day basket.  What I really remember is going to an American Girl event with mom and MS when I was young, and we did a May Pole dance.  I remember it being something similar to the dance starting around 6:30 in this video.  I doubt it was so coordinated, since we were all just learning, but I loved it.

Anyhow, enough reminiscing, and back to the swap!

I sent a package to AH from twitter.  Her favorite color is pink, she was looking forward to warm weather and flowers this spring!  She's also a PhD student, just like me!

I forgot to take individual pictures (read: any good pictures) before I boxed up her package, but here goes:

I sent: a pink "basket" (a.k.a. tin pail), a little red bowl, an owl with grass to bring a little spring inside!, a flowery head band, travel hand sanitizer, sour patch kids, some pink thank you cards and sour patch kids gum!  I was hoping this would bring some spring cheer!

JM from Life as the Artist sent me my package!  The funny thing about that is that JM followed me on instagram just a few days before my package came, and as she's a fellow Peony, too, I didn't think much of it, and I followed her, too.  Then my package came, and I was even happier I had taken the opportunity to get to know her a little on instagram!
JM sent me a gorgeous package, right down to the awesome box!
The first thing I pulled out of the box was this GORGEOUS print of Esther 4:14!  I love the colors, and I have particularly liked this verse since college when my newly-adopted church (where we are now members!) used it as encouragement.

There is also this honeysuckle soap.  Honeysuckle reminds me of my grandmother's house.  And it made the whole kitchen smell lovely!

These pretty bags are so springy!  I'm not sure what I'll use them for, but they will definitely brighten up whatever I choose!

Also included was this pretty Willow Tree doll!  I love the "carved" ones -- I think they look so pretty and like they are made of lace!

Thanks, J, for the lovely package!  It certainly did brighten my day!
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