Chocolate Tour!

Once in a while NES and I really truly do have a free Saturday afternoon.  It's a rare occasion, but it's pretty awesome.  This morning, (after I slept in), NES and I wandered downtown (as my legs complained about the miles and miles and miles of walking I did yesterday . . . ) and got my favorite breakfast around home -- a cinnamon sugar bagel with cream cheese and a dirty chai eaten down by the river!  Ahhh, nice weather.
This afternoon, there happened to be a chocolate tour going on downtown!  I thought of going last year, but as we were running a 5k in the morning, and packing for our Disney adventure in the afternoon, there wasn't enough time.  Needless to say, we didn't make the chocolate tour.  But today we did!

The basic idea is that 28 stores/restaurants downtown had chocolates/samples for everyone on the chocolate tour.  The money earned from the tickets went to local charities.  So, if nothing else, at least it was chocolate for a good cause!

The first few stops (we started at #2, since the first one was down the street from home!) were all packaged candies, so I started out a little disappointed there wasn't more local/locally made stuff, but as we continued, the bakeries and ice cream shops gave out samples of ice cream and baked goods, so I was glad that some stores were giving out wrapped chocolates!

So here goes!

Stop #2: Lindt truffle
#3: Hershey's kisses/nuggets
#4: Chocolate mint hand scrub! I had never done a hand scrub before, but it really did leave my hands soft and smooth!
#5: Brownie bite
#6: Dove chocolate.  (The first 100 visitors got homemade pralines!  We missed that part.)
#7: Sample of scooped penny candy.  I choose chocolate covered Swedish Fish!

#8: Chocolate covered strawberry slices
#9: Store-made chocolate ice cream with store-made hot fudge from our favorite ice cream shop!

#10: Raspberry swirl ultimately fudgy brownies!

#11: Lindt truffle and sangria

#12: Mocha latte sample with whipped cream

#13: Mexican chocolate ice lollie sample
#14: Pink sea salted caramels!

#15: Famous chocolate chocolate whoopie pie!

#16: Lindt truffle
#17: Chocolate banana smoothie sample

#18: Tootsie Roll pop
#19: Strawberry, banana, vanilla yogurt and chocolate balsamic parfait!  (It sounds a little odd, but it was really good!  NES and I also ended up with some bourbon aged maple syrup and a small bottle of grapefruit aged balsamic vinegar at this stop!)

#20: Red velvet cookie

#21: Brownie batter frozen yogurt

#22: Homemade nonpareils

#23: Hershey's nuggets
#24: Chocolate flower
#25: Small cup of white chocolate peanut butter cup gelato!

#26: Sample of fair trade chocolates
#27: Hershey's nuggets/kisses
#28: Homemade chocolate pop
#1: Chocolate covered strawberry and other fruit!

I was glad I hadn't eaten lunch -- after all that chocolate, I was stuffed!

Meanwhile, NES (who isn't a chocolate lover . . . I know, I don't get it) got a cherry coke float at our favorite ice cream place and drank it while I ate my chocolate!


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