A {Mini} Semi-Foodie Adventure to NYC!

So yesterday, I went to New York City for the first time in my life!  Well, ok, once upon a time, I went in a bus through the city, and it was terrifying.  But that was many, many years ago.

But yesterday, I went to the City for real!  We headed there via Train to meet mom, dad, MJM, SJM, and DH at Penn Station.  After an adventure trying to get subway tickets/get to the right subway station, we emerged into the City!  My first views were of giant billboards all over the place!

It was amazing.  Until we hit the crowds.  So many people EVERYWHERE.

We originally tried to go to the Stardust Diner where the waiters sing for lunch, but the line was too long for the amount of time we had before the play.  So we headed to an Irish pub.  I had steak and eggs for brunch.  Mmmm.

Then we headed through Times Square to the American Airlines Theater.  It was quite the crazy experience.  So much over stimulation!   So much everything!

As we wandered the streets around the theater, we happened to find a Crumbs Bake Shop!  I'd never tried a Crumbs cupcake before, so I was pretty excited.

I talked NES into splitting a birthday cake cupcake with me, and boy was it amazing!  The cake was funfetti, with cream cheese frosting filling, and vanilla buttercream frosting!  And it was gorgeous!

Mom and dad tried a red velvet cupcake.  They said it was a little bit dry, but that it was yummy!

Carlo's Bake Shop (of Cake Boss fame) was right around the corner, but I was more than happy with my cupcake!

Then we went to see "On the 20th Century" with Kristin Chenoweth in it!!!  It was AH-MAZ-ING!  Not to go all fan-girl, but Kristin Chenoweth is one of my singing icons, and she was literally 10 feet from me at one point!  She was absolutely amazing!  Ahhhhh!

Oh, and the play was super funny too!

Ask NES: I was super excited about it.

We wandered a bit after, and walked down toward the river and the Highline.  It gave a pretty cool view of where we had just been.

Then we headed back to Penn Station to catch the train back home!  As a last minute thought, we got bagels at a bakery in the station.  NES has reassured me that they weren't "real" New York bagels (as in, they weren't as good as the hype made out, but there are some that do live up to the hype!), but they did hit the spot.

I also grabbed a black and white cookie to bring home, since NYC is famous for their black and white cookies!  I had eaten one before, but it was literally in the cafeteria in college, so I didn't trust it tasting like the real thing.  The real thing was soft and tasted exactly like a dense vanilla cake covered with chocolate/vanilla frosting!  So yummy!
After about 8 hours in the City and 10 hours travelling, we made it home, exhausted and happy! 


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