Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to my mom, my grandmothers, my alter-ego LB(other)MS's mother, my mother-in-law and all the other mothers out there!

This was my first Mother's Day not seeing my mom, and it was different, but we spent it with the S family and had a great time.

Miss you mum!

And finals are almost over!!  I am actually done with my own finals.  All that's left is the final for my students and the grading.  I think that this semester might be my very first semester without any in-class exams.  But the paper is in, the presentation is over and after 24 hours (plus or minus a bit), my 19 page take-home exam is in.
But take-home finals don't play very well with cooking or baking.  I haven't made anything since last weekend.  Oops.  And, well, the fact that I ate dinner at school most nights meant I didn't have much opportunity at all.  But I did manage to get some adventures in!

NES and I got ice cream (surprise, surprise) on Tuesday night.  It was such a beautiful day.

I love this time of year with all the flowers on the trees everywhere.  It just makes everything so much prettier.

And then I spent almost two full days at school, and then most of the day on Friday, too.  This is pretty much what my week looked like.

And then NES and I actually went on a day trip yesterday!  We headed north along the shore and snuck in a visit to one of our favorite tourist towns before it got crazy busy for the summer.

It wasn't exactly a clear day, but it only rained briefly during lunch.  Then it rained on our way home.

We got a cupcake!

It had been forever since we did something like that.  It was really fun and reminded me of our previous weekend trips.  Hooray for free time on weekends!

And then we spent the rest of the weekend with the S family.  And silly Daisy the cat.  She likes to sit at the dinner table like a human.

However, I am still behind.  So, here goes.  Food!

A month or so ago, NES was gone for the weekend at a convention, so I got to make things that he does not like!  I had been wanting rice and beans for a few days.  NES doesn't like beans much, so it was perfect.

I kind of blended both of the two types of rice and beans I had made before.  It was an adventure.

I cooked some white rice (about a cup) according to package directions.  But, when it was finished, I squeezed a lime in it.  I let it cook a little bit more just to get rid of the extra liquid.

To make the bean mixture, I sauteed a diced yellow pepper and mushrooms (I happened to have some that needed to be used, so I used them.  Usually, I wouldn't have thought to put mushrooms in this) until they were starting to get soft.

I added a can each of rinsed black beans and corn kernels.

Then I added some chopped cilantro.

And a jar of salsa.

I mixed this and let it heat through.  It made a lot more than I expected.  Oops!

I added the bean mixture to the rice and sprinkled it with cheese.

I served it with lime tortilla chips.  Yum.

And now, maybe I can catch up for real!  Woah!


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