A Spin on Rice and Beans

Happy snow day!  It's March first, and we're having our first real snow storm in . . . a month?  More?  It's crazy.  Not that I'm getting all that much out of my snow day -- all I was supposed to have today was my teaching seminar anyway.  Oh well.  It's still a day off.  Somehow a snow day (whether or not it is very different from the day I was going to have anyway) calls for a movie.  Time for Julie and Julia!

I also caught up on homework for the week.  It was a long week homework-wise.  I worked on a single algebra homework assignment from 9:30 am-1:15 am Tuesday/Wednesday . . . with a few breaks for meals, a visit from NES and a visit from MS.  MS and a friend stopped by and brought me the ultimate foodie birthday/care package:

a food blogger cookbook, recipe bookmarks, all natural cheddar cheese sauce, almond butter, pumpkin butter, black bean dip, and a oil mister.  I absolutely cannot wait to try all this stuff.  I am so excited!

This is my completed homework: 11 sides of notebook pages.  Yeah.

The other break I took was to make myself dinner for Wednesday.  That was, thankfully, more successful and much quicker than the crazy homework assignment.

Thanks to NES for making the rice for me while I was working.

The original plan was to make rice and beans like I had in the past, just minus the peppers.  But, I found this recipe (thanks to Pinterest, yet again!) earlier in the day on Tuesday.

When NES and I went to get dinner (falafel, yum!), I quickly grabbed a lime and cilantro.  Those were literally the only thing missing to use the idea of the lime rice with the ingredients I had.  And thus, lime mexican rice.

Part of the whole reason I was making rice was to use up some salsa, so I used salsa instead of tomatoes (plus, when I reheat it for dinner, the tomatoes are already mushy!), and left out the scallions because they aren't my favorite.

And, the best part about it, is it's a perfect on-the-go dinner for me to bring to school!

On The Go Lime Rice
adapted from skinnytaste.com

1 cup rice, cooked according to package directions
15.5 oz. can of black beans, rinsed
8.5 oz. can of corn
6 oz. salsa of your choice
1-2 springs cilantro (more or less to your own preference)
juice of 1 lime

Mix beans, corn, rice and salsa.

Chop cilantro and add to rice, along with lime juice.

Mix well and store until ready to eat.  Microwave each serving till heated through.

If you wanted to make it not to-go:  heat the corn and beans with the salsa in a sauce pan.  Add to warm rice and sprinkle with lime juice and cilantro.

I don't know how long it would take to heat it in a normal microwave . . . we have an ANCIENT one in my office, and it took about 3 1/2 minutes.  That's not normal.  Yeah, I think it's seen better days.


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