Summer Weekend

I was looking forward so much to this weekend if for no other reason than that it was the first weekend of the summer!  It's also just great to know that I don't need to schedule in at least one day for homework during the weekend.  It was a nice feeling!

JAB and RB came on Saturday, and we enjoyed the beautiful weather!  We went on a search for a mini golf place, and found a great one close to home!  It was a lot of fun.  Even if I was like 10 points behind everyone else.  Oops. But I got a hole in one!  Sorta.
We even found a pink dinosaur!!

Then, we went for ice cream.  Not just any ice cream either.

Remember the ice cream cupcakes from last summer?  Well, RB was set on trying them.  But apparently NES and I were the only ones who ordered them.  Sad day.  So they don't exist anymore except in a happy memory.  Thus we had to go for something else.

NES and I had been waiting to try a "Gram Slam" sundae for a long time.  We immediately thought of a visit from JAB and RB or JB and KB, since they always advertise it as "enough for four or more".  So RB had to settle for that.

And, ironically enough, there was a news photographer there as we were trying to decide what to do and the girls behind the counter were trying to encourage us to go for a Gram Slam.  I think they were just a little bit excited to make it.  So, he took pictures while they made it and actually followed us to take pictures of us eating it.  I guess we're not famous for eating too much ice cream only on the ice cream place's Facebook page anymore.  We just had our crazy shake sundaes on Tuesday.  Oops.  But, I will say that it was perfect timing.
It was an epicly awesome sundae.  Yum.

7 scoops of ice cream.  4 toppings.  One brownie.  One banana.  Homemade whipped cream.  Plenty of extra cherries.
Seriously.  It was awesome.

And it was all in a giant baseball bowl.


Then we played board games and had barbecue chicken calzones for dinner.  Phew.  Huzzah for summer!
And then after fighting multiple road races and bike races on our way to church this morning, NES and I got our favorite pizza and headed to the park for a picnic!
I also found a wonderful new beverage.  A Earl Grey tea latte with vanilla.  So good.  So, so good.
And now, this week, I run like crazy.  And find healthy meals to eat.  But it was the first weekend of summer!   So it was a special occasion!


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