Greek Pizza

Wow.  I really am getting behind on this whole blogging thing.  I don't know why this school year has made it so difficult.  This is something I made waaaaay back in January and forgot about.  Someday, I will catch up.

I've been on spring break for two whole days now and haven't even posted yet.  I've baked though!  Really!

My first official action of spring break, after taking an exam at home on Friday because of the snow and digging out our cars, was to make a snowman with NES.

He had, well, sort of melted by the next morning and fallen over entirely by the afternoon.  Poor guy.

And I've been baking!  That will come!

But anyway.  There is a story behind this pizza.

My mom has this recipe for Greek penne, and it was one of my favorite dishes we used to have regularly for dinner.  It is a fairly basic pasta dish -- penne with feta cheese, baby spinach, pine nuts and grape tomatoes.  She also makes a pizza with sliced fresh tomatoes, feta cheese and basil.  I decided I wanted to combine them.

So, I did.

I bought a pre-made, pre-baked pizza crust from the store.  What can I say?  I'm lazy.  Sometimes.  Well, I need to try making pizza dough.  Really, I do.  I'll get there someday.
And then I put a layer of baby spinach on it, added feta cheese and halved grape tomatoes (well, on my half.  None of those for NES!).  Then I sprinkled pine nuts over the whole thing, and drizzled it with olive oil.

And baked it.  According to package directions.  Because, again, I'm lazy.
I thought it was good.  NES thought the consistency was a little weird with the pine nuts.  So he picked them off.  It was a good quick meal.


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