Cinnamon Pancakes

This may be my first near-Pinterest-fail.  I mean, sure, things haven't come out perfectly, or they haven't been that great, but they've at least sorta worked.  And, to be fair, this one did too.  Just not quite how I was expecting.

First of all, I was probably courting danger by combining recipes.  And then trying two new recipes at once? Probably not my best plan.

HFK had told me about Greek yogurt pancakes about a week before NES asked me to make pancakes one bright and beautiful Saturday morning.  As usual, I had quite a bit of plain Greek yogurt on hand (it's one of my staples) and decided to try them.  After a little research, I found these.  They sounded promising.

And then I saw this.  I'd been seeing the cinnamon roll pancakes ALL over Pinterest for weeks, and decided they would be exciting, not to mention go well with the leftover cream cheese glaze from my birthday pancakes.  And thus, the adventure ensued.

I made the pancake batter according to the recipe.  Nothing really to report there, except that the batter has a very, very interesting consistency.
And then I went for the cinnamon-sugar swirl.  If you go to the link above, you'll notice that it doesn't go to a recipe.  I was too lazy to go find this exact one, so I looked up a few similar ones, and decided to wing it.  So, I melted about a half a stick of butter, and added brown sugar until it seemed like it was a decent consistency for squeezing: a thick pasty mess.  Then I added cinnamon to taste.  Serious winging it right there.

Then came the disaster.

For one, the Greek yogurt pancakes don't act exactly like regular pancakes do.  So, here I am, like a good pancake flipper waiting for them to get dry around the edges.  Yeah.  That.  The back burnt, almost every time.  Oops.  I need to get used to that.

And then there was the cinnamon swirl.  I put it in a ziplock bag and cut a small corner off.  And for some reason, for most of the pancakes, I seemed to only get the liquidy part of the mixture.  It didn't seem to be the pasty consistency I thought I had made.  So, it went everywhere.

Finally, for the last few pancakes, it solidified a little and worked.  Sorta.

But then, I flipped them.  Obviously they needed to be flipped eventually, and the cinnamon and butter and sugar went all over the bottom.  None of this beautiful swirl in all the pictures.  I don't know what is up with the picture.  Really, how does the sugar not burn all over the bottom of the pancake??

This is when I decided to make the best of the situation.  I had managed to NOT burn a couple, and the swirl stuff was at least still there.  I used the glaze and drizzled them with the leftover cinnamon sugar.

They tasted good, at least.  But I had nearly been defeated.  I had honestly almost started over and made plain old pancakes.  I'm glad I didn't, but I've learned my lesson!

Also, we have a new bookshelf.  Thank goodness for our landlords.  I feel like fully half of our furniture has come from their "free furniture" generosity!  And my textbooks are no longer living in milk crates!

And I saw CJC this weekend!  We had fun weekend thrift store shopping, catching up, and of course eating food!
We found a breakfast place with crepes!
Then lunch was a home-downtown-deli-best-veggie-sandwich-ever replica.  Complete with grading on the side.  But somehow a grading party with another teacher at a cute coffee shop makes it so much more fun!


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