Annual Musings on Ice Cream, Year 3

In New England, it's a big deal when the ice cream places reopen.  It seems like it's during this first week of March every year that you start hearing murmurs about ice cream.  Some places don't open till April, sure, but the hardcore homemade places usually open right about now.

NES and I have spent a lot of the last weekend talking about the poor places outside of New England, and how they survive without ice cream.  Ok, well, not WITHOUT ice cream, but without New England-ers' seemingly in-born love of ice cream.  See my earlier musings on ice cream for my thoughts on these things.
And this year, we don't even have the excuse that it was a particularly nice day.  It really wasn't.  It was actually snowing this morning.  Yet, when we drove by the ice cream place on the way to church, we knew we'd have to come back later in the day.  We had already missed one day's worth of opportunity, so we couldn't waste any more time.  Actually, I think that NES was ready to stop at 8:15 this morning!
Why is it such a big deal that the ice cream places reopen?  Maybe it's because it's been a long winter (there is still snow on the ground, I'll have you notice), or because it's a reminder of the warm summer nights of relaxing in the sun till late.  Maybe it's just the fact that it's something denied to us during the winter months and we are just so darn stubborn that we need to immediately act on the fact that we can suddenly go to the ice cream shops again.
This year, I think I'll go with that one.
Same flavor . . . rainbow sprinkles this time.  It was a rainbow sprinkles type of day.


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