Universal Studios: Another Semi-Foodie Adventure

It seems hard to believe when looking out the window today that last week was my spring break.  It certainly doesn't look like spring today!
It also seems hard to believe that just three days ago, NES and I were walking around with shorts and t-shirts on in Florida!  Yikes.  But hey, I got a snow day out of the storm.  I'll take it.

We were actually in Florida for my cousin MK's wedding, which was really fun.  She did a great job making most of the decorations and favors and everything herself!  It was really fun to see all she had done.  It made me glad I didn't have to set up and break down our reception though!
Before we went to the beach for the wedding though, NES and I spent part of the week at Universal Studios.  I had never been before, and NES hadn't been in many years.  We had great weather, and thoroughly enjoyed meandering around the parks!
Of course, we had to find fun food, too!  Our first find were absolutely GINORMOUS cookies in our hotel's food court/Pizza Hut thing.  Biggest cookies I have ever seen.  Ever.  We didn't actually get one, but wow, they were huge.
 Then came all the crazy amusement park food!  NES had never had a churro before, so we of course, had to get some!  Mmmm, churros.
 And then there was the butterbeer!  We tried to make it back in October, and I must say, we did a pretty good job getting the flavor right.  And now that I finally found butter extract, maybe it'll be even better!  The best way I can describe it is as butterscotch-flavored cream soda.  Apparently it came frozen, too!  Who knew?
 We also headed to Mythos, which was apparently the best theme park restaurant for six years in a row.
 I must say, it was pretty impressive just being inside.  It's like being inside this huge cavern.  Only at a theme park can you eat in what feels like some sort of ancient cavern.
 I decided to try pad Thai for the first time.  I had always been kind of wary of it, but recently, I've been very intrigued by it.  I really expected it to have more of a peanut-y flavor, since it has peanut butter in it, but this one was pretty mild.  It just kind of tasted like a noodle stir fry.  I'll have to try it again.  That's not to say it was bad, but it wasn't what I expected.
 They also had amazing rosemary bread.  Yum.
 And then, there was the basic hotel breakfast.  When we upgraded the $3.99, we actually got more than toast and danishes.  And a meal for $3.99 when you're at an amusement park is pretty amazing.  So, we went for it.  It actually wasn't bad for a buffet breakfast.
Of course, we had to get "bad" food too . . . can't go to a theme park and not get bad food.  Well, actually, this is a veggie burger, so it wasn't SO bad.  And as far as "greasy" theme park food goes, this did not fit that bill.  It was tasty!
We found these cheesecakes and pastries in a Boulangerie where we were actually just getting coffee.  We avoided temptation, but the pastries looked awful yummy!  They even had red velvet chocolate chip muffins!  
And, now, of course, it's back to the grind.  Well, tomorrow, it will be.  After digging out from this storm!


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