Annual Musings on Ice Cream, Year 2

Friday, March 11, 2011:  Where was I?

Well, there are lots of answers to that question -- I was housesitting, I was still a college student, I was student teaching, but I was also eating ice cream.

What did I do yesterday?  I hung out on one beautiful afternoon with NES.  And we got our first ice cream of the year.

I feel like I always end up having a craving for ice cream right about now.  Last year, I mused about how New England sees ice cream very differently than other parts of the country.

I also think we have it built into us to crave ice cream once spring comes around.  It was almost exactly a year ago that I got my first ice cream last year (same flavor with chocolate sprinkles, even!).  And I found myself craving ice cream as soon as the spring-like weather came this year.  I thought it was just me.  And I was trying to keep myself from indulging and convincing NES to be bad with me.  Although, I figured it would be sometime over the next week that I'd give in.

True life occurrence from yesterday:

NES and I are driving down the street (with the windows down!) continuing in conversation liken normal.  Ice cream had not been discussed in months.


NES: "Should we get ice cream?  It's just such a nice day."

LBM: "YES!  I've been thinking that all afternoon!"

And we weren't the only ones.  There were other people in the ice cream shop.  And they were getting ice cream too.

So, maybe it's part of being from New England.  And the reason why many ice cream places open weeks before the threat of snow ends.  Maybe it's just how we are.  I'm ok with that.


  1. Yup, I had some last Saturday--even though I was cold!!!!!!!


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