Wedding Shower and Gardening

Today has been a perfect example of why I should never be allowed to start multiple projects at once.  What should I have been doing this morning?  Probably writing thank yous for all the wonderful shower gifts I got.  What did I do this morning?  I made pinwheels for another important, but yet undisclosed reason.  I got a bit distracted.  Oops.

Oh well.  It was a fun morning at least.  I love little crafty projects like that.  Which is probably why making pinwheels won over writing thank yous.  Just exhibit A of why I should only be allowed one project at a time.

(Oooo, ooo, ooo!  And our response card from overseas came back today!  So exciting!)
But anyway, I owe a description of my shower -- mostly of the food, since this is a food blog, but everything was so cute that I just can't leave it out!  (Thanks to PFM, NES and LO for the pictures!)

First of all, you need to know that my friends are a little crazy.  BMM, KEB, AB, LO and CJC spent the better part of 4 months planning this shower.  Which meant it was really well done.  I mean, it doesn't mean they weren't making food all morning the day of, but it means that everything was executed really well.

They actually planned a 3 course meal, of all things.  Yes, it was finger foods, but still.  There were three courses!

Appetizers were stuffed mushrooms (with cheese inside -- one of my favorite recipes I've ever gotten from BMM), bruschetta (also amazing!), spinach hummus and pita chips (with homemade pitas . . . yum!) and deviled eggs.
The main course consisted of green salad, carrot soup with dill cream (as discovered on the trip BMM and I took to Quebec City), pastrami sandwiches, turkey and swiss rolls with cranberry mayo, roast beef rolls with pesto, chicken salad sandwiches and Caspian sandwiches.  Oh, and did I mention that all the bread was homemade?  Yeah.\

Dessert was mini raspberry cheesecakes, grasshopper squares (mmmmmm), cookie dough brownies, mini buttermilk pies (garnished with cinnamon?  perfect) and mom's cupcakes.
To drink was tea, coffee and minted lemon ginger ale.  With a bride and groom duckie floating in it.  Awesome.

And there were even peeps in the flowers.  How crazy is that?!

It was amazing.

And on top of all that, KEB made the cutest peeps for both the present table and for favors.
And in the mugs with the peeps was mix for a mug cake!  How perfect!

And opening all sorts of presents in front of all those people wasn't even as intimidating as I thought it might be.  And there were, of course, plenty of baking and cooking supplies and cookbooks!

 It was such a wonderful day!  Thanks to everyone who came, but especially my bridesmaids, SJM, LB, PNS and PFM for helping out and making the whole thing super special!

Now, to change gears just a bit, (ok, a lot!) we also planted our gardens this weekend.  Mom and dad decided to go with some raised bed kits this year, and they look great!
We planted tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, peppers, and parsley.  Oh!  And also a clove of garlic that had really seriously sprouted in the pantry.  It even actually looks like it's growing!
And since I'll be leaving halfway through growing season, I also planted a little herb garden for our back deck at our new apartment.  Hooray for fresh basil, thyme, oregano and parsley!
Now to watch and wait!


  1. What a lovely shower! Thanks so much to the bridesmaids! It will always be a very fond memory! Also thanks to PNS for arranging the fellowship hall! God is so gracious to us!


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