Cupcakes, with Ice Cream

So, the most cooking I've done this week was to saute up a chicken breast with some chili powder, garlic and Italian seasoning for NES when we went on a picnic on Saturday.  I put it on normal wheat bread with some mozzarella cheese.  Not exactly your average picnic fare, but it worked.  And it was easy.  And it was what I had.  I didn't have time to go grocery shopping.  It was a fun picnic, though!

I would love to make bread.  I haven't made bread in a long time.  It sounds wonderful.  But, alas, it will have to wait.  And marshmallows.  I also want to make marshmallows.  But again, has to wait.

However, as long as it is not rainy (like today) tomorrow, mom and I are going to go strawberry picking!  Hooray for fresh strawberries!  I am excited.  And then baking will ensue.  It's going to happen.  I'm ready.

But, NES and I did make an exciting discovery last night!

This, my friends, is what we call a Gram cake.

NES and I both kind of assumed when we read the description (at the ice cream place that is VERY quickly climbing our favorites list) of a Gram cake, we both assumed it would be a small cupcake with a small amount of ice cream inside and a little topping on top.

Expectations . . . adjusted.  Seriously.  It was huge.  I'm glad it was my dinner.

Basically, a Gram cake is a big cupcake, cored out, with toppings inside.  I had Reese's Pieces inside and NES had oreos.  Then they put a scoop of whatever ice cream we wanted on top.  I had Milky Way and NES had vanilla.  And even with my adjusted expectations, that's where I thought it would end.  But then she asked if I wanted hot fudge, (homemade!!!) whipped cream and cherry.  Of course!  Who wouldn't?  It was crazy.

And huge.  But neither of us had any problem finishing it.  Having this ice cream place so close to our future home is dangerous.  Seriously.

And today marks one month until our wedding!  And the wedding presents have started coming!  I can't believe we are almost there!


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