Mac and Cheese

Where have I been recently?  What have I been doing?  Everything.  Or at least it feels like it.  I just feel like I've been running all over everywhere.  Today I had time to come to NES's apartment and help get the rest of the shower stuff put away.  Hooray!  And it's finally a nice day after all the days of grey and rain!  Also hooray!

Oh, and this is what my poor puppy does on grey, rainy days when her tummy hurts.  Poor puppy.

And somewhere during these grey and rainy days NES and I decided to make tortellini soup.  Except I kind of forgot that the recipe was in my blog and I couldn't find my recipe box in the boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.  So, we gave up on that.  We also had a limited amount of time in which to go shopping before we had a delivery coming, so we had to find something quick.

I had been wanting to try the "mac-and-cheese-cooked-in-milk" recipes I have been seeing on Pinterest recently, and it seemed like as good a time as any.

The weirdest part of the recipe was that the shells were cooked in the milk.  I don't think I put quite enough milk in to start with, so I added a little more so that she shells were soft and there was a little leftover for making the sauce.

When you add the cheese it just kind of melts in and becomes a sauce.  It was pretty cool how it worked.

However, my one complaint is that it's kind of a blah version of mac and cheese.  I think when I make it again (and it is so easy that I will make it again, that's for sure!) I will add something to it.  I'm thinking I might try adding some dijon mustard next time.  Some similar recipes called for it.  And I'll make sure I put enough salt in it.  Apparently that helps too.

Oh, and guess what!  Also during the grey and rainy days, I finished my thank yous from the shower!  Yahoo!


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