Ricotta Pasta to Go

I think I might have had a new record tonight . . . I had 11 students show up for class tonight out of 33.  I guess I have a playoff hockey game, a party school, spring germs, and a Tuesday exam to thank for that.  Hey, it was actually kind of nice having such a small class.  I am not looking forward to when everyone is super confused on Monday, but that's ok.

Speaking of exams, they did have an exam yesterday.   Here's my pile of correcting . . .  Well, 2/3 of it.  Still nothing compared to last semester.

Fun stuff.  I can tell you all the sin, cos, tan, csc, sec, and cot values for both angles in a right triangle with sides 2, sqrt(45) and 7 off the top of my head.  I'm tired.

 And I still have 4 more exams to proctor over the next two days.

And then, three weeks from today, I'll be done.  Minus a few final grades (and probably more grading . . .), I can fully enter into wedding planning mode!

This is my invitation to my own shower.  My maid of honor BMM is making me wait to open it till she's out of classes . . . I'm currently crawling out of my skin.

And then there's dinner.  That what I was actually going to write about.  Apparently that didn't work so well.  Now I will.
So, I thought that finding dinners to bring to school on Monday and Wednesday was going to be this big adventure.  It's really just ended up being either leftovers or PB and J.  I did make a couple salads and rice and beans.  So maybe it's more accurate to say that this has happened the second half of the semester.  And today wasn't really any different.  There was leftover sauce and ricotta from the pizza on Sunday, so I made myself some pasta . . . and added sauce and ricotta cheese.  But it worked really well for bringing to school, because I just stuck it in the microwave and everything warmed up!  It was perfect.  And judging by the amount of sauce and cheese leftover . . . I think I'm gonna be eating it for a while!


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