Bugs on a Log

Happy Marathon Monday/Patriots Day to those of you in the right states to celebrate it!  Alas for states (and/or institutions) who do not.  Hence, I am stuck inside on this bright, sunny, beautiful Monday.  Still slogging through a Complex Analysis take home exam.  But then I'm (FINALLY!) free till final exams.  And at least then I don't have classes too.  I can just study 24 hours a day.

And yes.  Bugs on a log.  For those of you who say, "doesn't that have something to do with celery?"  Why, yes, yes it does.   And for those of you who say, "huh?" you are about to be initiated.

Bugs on a log are a wonderful (traditionally children's) snack food.  And healthy, too.   I used to love them when I was little, and mom used to make them for me as a snack.  Little did I know how healthy they were.  And then I kind of rediscovered them in college when celery and raisins were readily available in the salad bar and peanut butter was usually available at the sandwich station.  And so now I eat them.  Especially when there is extra celery lying around at home.  Like there was this weekend.

They are incredibly simple.  (And what I haven't told you yet is that I'm blogging about this only because I haven't had time to actually cook in over a week.  It's sad, really.)  You wash some celery, chop off the ends and cut it into about 2-3 inch sticks.  Then, spread a layer of peanut butter in the concave part of the celery sticks.  And add raisins.  The raisins are the bugs.  On a log.  Get it?

Voila.  Bugs on a log.  A healthy and easy snack.  And one of my personal favorites.  But if you're one of those people who doesn't like raisins or peanut butter . . . well, then I'd suggest you don't try them.  Just saying.

In other recent food news, this weekend was a big food weekend . . . oops.  Last night PM and MS brought us to a really fun new restaurant called "the Friendly Toast".  I had heard they had the best breakfast in the area, so I of course had to try their breakfast food.  I got a gingerbread waffle with pomegranate molasses.  It was very unique, and actually pretty good.  NES had a pumpkin chocolate pancake that was bigger than his plate.  It was pretty crazy.  And PM and MS had "real" food (a.k.a. not breakfast).  It looked awful good too. And the homefries were great too.  Yum.  And we discovered a really fun new town to explore.  Hooray!
I also really like the sentiment displayed on their menu.  It's so true. 

Also, mom, dad and I went for one of our first official Kimball farm trip this weekend (I say "one of" because I went with NES and JB a couple of weeks ago . . . but this was a different place, and we went for dinner too!). I am pretty sure that they legitimately gave us each a pint of ice cream.  It was craziness -- but after a long day of studying and being disappointed I had to do homework instead of going and hanging out with friends, it did hit the spot.
 And last but not least, this is just a friendly reminder that summer is coming.  And leaving chocolate in the car is not a good plan.  Poor former bunny.  Who is now just a pool of melted chocolate liquid.


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