Fried Rice to Go

So, it's over.  Crazy midterm time is over.  And I can't say I'm entirely happy with the results.  But eventually, I'll figure out how to relax again.  Well, maybe this summer I will.  I'm so tired.

But, somehow amongst all the studying and craziness, I found time to make dinner.  Once.  But, NES and I also managed to find an apartment AND order our invitations during the past few weeks.  I can't believe these things are actually happening!  Uh, yeah.  So, I didn't study 24 hours a day. Maybe that's why things didn't go as well as I had hoped.  Oh well.  Life is important, too.  Isn't it?

The one dinner I made was fried rice.  Good decision, NES!  It was a good idea.
I have a good fried rice recipe.  I love it, and I've even made it on a camp stove!  But I found a new one, and it sounded really easy and also lighter!  And one of mom's friends had made a video about it, so mom had told me about it.
And it was easy, and it was much lighter, I'm sure.  It tasted good, but I like my other recipe better.  And honestly, I kind of switched up this new recipe to be more like mine.  Oops.  Instead of the frozen peas and shredded carrots, I used frozen peas, carrots and corn.  And instead of scallions, I used bean sprouts.  So, basically, I made it like my other recipe.  Except a lot less oil.  And no garlic.
And I also forgot to scramble the eggs first . . . so they almost ended up like fried eggs.  I've never made a fried egg before.
But it was so easy to make.  I was even able to fit it in amongst my crazy hectic studying schedule.  It was perfect to bring for dinner on teaching nights.  
When I went to the grocery store, I may just have been looking for something for dessert.  And I may have found Red Velvet Cake Ben and Jerry's.  Mmmmm.  I had always wanted to try red velvet ice cream, and maybe I had seen someone buying some the week before.  So, I had to try it.

And it was very good, but the pink color was so reminiscent of strawberry ice cream, I couldn't help but taste some vague strawberry flavor underneath.  I'm pretty sure I'm crazy though.  NES didn't taste it.

And now, now I get to learn how to relax all over again.  I have one month.  Go.


  1. When I bought it back in...well, before graduation, I DEFINITELY tasted the strawberry undertone. You're not crazy!

  2. Oh yeah! I totally remember that now. I'm glad to know I'm not crazy. :)


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