Happy Easter!

Right about now, I really miss undergrad.  We always had Good Friday AND Easter Monday off.  I could really, really, really use a four day weekend right about now.  But alas.  Tis no longer how it works.  Thankfully though, it seems that the weekend was light enough on homework that I will at least have tomorrow to relax.  For this, I am grateful.  Very grateful.

I also had the time this afternoon to go to the big annual community hockey game and watch some of my former teachers play against the police.  All the proceeds go to a local family with sick kid(s), and the turn out is always absolutely overwhelming.  It's a great tradition, and I can't believe it's already been going for 11 years.

But my toes are cold.

And I also made it to mom's cantata last night.  And somehow managed to dye Easter eggs around that.

I love dying Easter eggs -- it's kind of my official "Easter is here" tradition.  Usually, I would have roped NES into the fun, but he was busy at his convention this weekend.  He escaped . . . this time.  Tee hee hee.

Last year, mom had wanted to try dying the eggs using natural dyes.  This year, I decided we'd actually do it.  I don't remember why we decided not to last year.  Apparently I missed out on using a "glitter eggs" kit.  Oh, darn.

We decided to stick with lavender, blue and yellow, since it did require getting so many ingredients.  I used Raspberry Zinger tea for lavender, red cabbage for blue and turmeric for yellow.
I don't think I had ever even dealt with a purple cabbage before.  It kind of dyed my fingers blue.  Interesting stuff.

I also followed slightly different instructions, using 1 quart of water and two tablespoons of vinegar per dye.

I used a whole chopped red cabbage, 6 tea bags, and 2 tbsp. turmeric.

And then I let them boil.  And boil.  And boil.

And I made a mess with the turmeric.  Oops.  Apparently a one quart pot holds not nearly a quart of water.  Especially when boiling . . . oops.

I only actually strained the cabbage.  For the others, I just pulled out the tea bags out or just kind of let the turmeric sink to the bottom.

After they cooled, and I added the eggs, I just let them sit in the fridge for about an hour to an hour and a half.  And I pulled them out -- not quite knowing what to expect.

The blue was first, and it was absolutely dazzling.  I was absolutely amazed.  They were so cool.

Then the yellow.  Not quite as bright as from a packaged dye, but pretty.  Very pretty.

And then came the lavender.  Yeah.  Not so much.  They kind of looked like brown eggs.  They weren't so pretty.  Oh well.  Now I know.  I kind of wish I had just done blue and yellow.

Even though I've been eating hard boiled eggs more often recently, they still just taste like Easter to me.

I wish I had time to bake something.  I hear rumor there is a very cute bunny cake coming here tomorrow.  But I am headed to the S family's Easter for the first time.  But even if I couldn't bake, at least I finished enough homework to feel good about the weekend.  Phew.

Happy Easter!  He is risen!  He is risen indeed!


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