A Reunion of Tie Dyed Proportions

So, we used to talk about making tie dye in our apartment last year.  Not all the time, but occasionally.  It came up.

And I'll admit, I just realized this, but this weekend, we finally did it.  We finally tie dyed together.  Just not in the . . . usual sense.

We had an apartment reunion this weekend, and it was a wonderful (but way too short!) escape from school and midterms and ridiculous amounts of studying.  You know that you have good friends when you can pick up where you left off, even with the changes in circumstances and all the men (read: boyfriends and fiances) hanging around.  DJR and I spent part of the weekend doing our homework, but still, it was a fun weekend.  And we had plenty of girl time to ourselves.

As nice as it was to pick back up like that, obviously things have changed and things didn't feel exactly the same.  However, what did feel the same as when we were living together was baking. Well, except maybe for the fact that the kitchen was a lot bigger and there was a dishwasher.  Both important notes to be made.

But MLF had the idea of making tie dye cupcakes.  I couldn't resist helping.  Even if I should have been working on homework.

And they are so easy.  I mean, the only difference between making super colorful cupcakes and plain white ones is food coloring.  And more dishes.  But we had a dishwasher, so that was ok.

After preparing white cake mix according to package directions, we split it into 6 bowls.

We dyed one purple, one blue, one green, one red, one yellow, and one orange.  It took quite a bit of food coloring (think 12-18 drops!), and they looked better before they were baked than after.   I think I'll try with gel coloring someday.

Then MW, MLF and I spooned each color (about 1/3 of a regular tablespoon of each color -- just to make sure you have enough for all of them!) into the liners.  They weren't quite as full as I would have expected . . . but that could be from transferring from bowl to bowl multiple times.  Oh well.

This was all while JLG made meat for tacos -- to think that in a year of living together we made food together once, and we already matched that in one weekend.

Then we baked them according to the package directions.
And then, being short on time, DJR and I frosted them with store bought frosting while MW and MLF sprinkled them.

They weren't as bright as we had hoped, but they were fun.  I think I'd try to really gently swirl them a little with a toothpick to add to the tie dye design.  But the papers looked tie dyed!

But they were so fun and so easy!  So worth it.
 Before we went to hang out with people, NES and I even celebrated National Chip and Dip day (apparently it was last Friday)!  We found falafel chips and tzatziki dip!  Yum!
I also finished (during some fun games of Mafia and spoons!) NES's cloak this weekend.  I guess I'm happy with how it turned out for not using a pattern.  I needed to make it a little wider.  Oh well.
It was so nice to see everyone this weekend!  We also took some shopping trips -- we ended up meeting NES at the mall.  And the mall happened to have a creperie!!  It was so exciting.  Yum, bananas and nutella.  Wonderful lunch!

Look what MW brought for me:  A super cheery pinwheel with yellow AND polka dots!  And yes, next to it, that's a potato chip chocolate bar.  This is the kind of thing you find on a girls' weekend!


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