Spaghetti Squash for Pasta Lovers

I have a confession to make: I served spaghetti squash to a room full of pasta lovers.

I have had it in my food supply for a while now, and I just kept not having time to make it.  So, I brought it home.  And finally found an evening to cook it here.

And, inevitably, everyone around me is a pasta lover.  I am a squash lover.  I mean, pasta, don't get me wrong . . . I love a bowl of pasta too.  But squash is so good.

And it was actually really easy to make.  I managed to even go registry shopping that evening before dinner.

I poked the squash all over with a skewer (although, I realized afterwards that a fork would have worked just as well) and baked it at 400 degrees for an hour.  Hooray for no scary I'm-gonna-cut-my-fingers-off squash cutting!

Then, once it was cool enough to work with, I cut it in half.  So easy!  Yay!

I scooped out the seeds, although, that was a little hard, since the flesh was soft too.  But it worked.

Then, I used a fork to separate all the spaghetti-like pieces.  And it was that easy.

And it even worked well as a make ahead, since I then went registry shopping and just reheated the squash in the microwave before dinner.  Perfect.

I just served it with pasta sauce.  My only complaint is that it ended up a little bit on the watery side.  I'd like to try some other sort of sauce with it someday.
Mmmm.  Squash.  And the pasta lovers even gave it good reviews!


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