A New Banana Bread Recipe

So, there were three very sad looking bananas.  And visiting family who would be needing sustenance after a morning of snowshoeing out in the newly fallen snow.

Answer to the above situations: Banana bread.

A new recipe at that.

I looked at foodgawker.com, of course, to find a recipe -- one of the 12 or so I have favorited for just banana bread.  I love foodgawker.  Soooo many recipes.  So little time.
At first I was thinking of blueberry banana bread and chocolate chip banana bread.   But who knew that three bananas make only a cup of mashed bananas?  Oh well.
So I settled on this one.  Thanks to Joy the Baker.  Another one of my favorites.  So many more recipes, so much less time!
So, for low fat banana bread, this actually came out really well.  I mean, the oatmeal changed it a little bit, but it tasted good.  And the consistency and taste didn't seem low fat.
However, I will say that I did NOT beat the egg whites.  I will beat egg whites for meringues.  I will beat egg whites for some cakes.  I will NOT beat egg whites for banana bread.  I like dense banana bread anyway.  No fluffy stuff.
So, I beat them a little bit with a fork.  Like till there were a few bubbles.  And then I gave up.

And served with crackers and cheese, nachos, fruit and cream cheese, it made a splendid lunch for weary snowshoers.  Happy Winter Weekend!


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