Wedding Tastings

Apparently even getting back to a somewhat schedule isn't even going to get me back to blogging as usual.  Well, schedule might be an overstatement.  Things are a little different this semester.  First of all, I've doubled my grad level class load.  And as if that's not scary enough, I am teaching my own class this semester.  None of that reviewing within a lecturer's schedule.  I get to do it all myself.  That is both exciting and terrifying all at once.  And Mondays and Wednesdays are loooooong.

Anyway, between the beginning of the semester and it's craziness, and getting ready for it, I just haven't had time to bake.  Cook.  Anything.  But, I'm going to be making a lot more dinners I can bring as leftovers on teaching nights.
What has happened in the past week involving food, however, is our wedding tasting.  
It was quite the experience.  It actually fell NES and my one year anniversary.  That was really fun.  
Between the tables and the food and the cakes and the hors d'oeuvres and the salads and yeah.  It was interesting.
They even had plates of food to show how it will be plated.  
And the best part was the butternut squash bisque.  Mmmmmmm.

And well, cake.   Also mmmmmmm.
Now comes the hard part: making the actual choices.


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