Ode to the Mixer, Part II

It's almost Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness.  Last year, I would have been happily home by now.  Alas for universities that don't give extra days off.  It's sad.  Especially when the last and only class I have tomorrow is a quiz.  But the only other things standing between me and a nice long weekend is studying for said quiz and a potential snowstorm.  I even finished enough homework to feel like I don't need to be panicking over homework.  Wonderful.

Tonight was kind of an eat-anything-that's-in-the-fridge-that-shouldn't-stay-over-the-long-weekend type night. That included homemade applesauce, salsa, milk and banana yogurt.  And of course, banana yogurt is the perfect excuse to eat waffles.  Mmmmm.  
But yesterday, I actually baked cookies!  It was so exciting!  I had decided weeks ago that I was going to make pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies for my office mates for Thanksgiving.  I was remembering these pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies, and really just wanted an excuse to make more.  
However, what I had forgotten was that those cookies came out of me raiding the pantry at home to see what there was to make with a brand new mixer.  
I have a beautiful new mixer sitting in my apartment that hadn't been used till yesterday for making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Pure coincidence that it was the first time I used it and it was the same thing.
I think it's pretty awesome though.  
And I love my mixer.  
The cookies are so easy -- it's just Betty Crocker Pumpkin Spice cookie mix with about half a bag of chocolate chips mixed in after the dough is made.  And they apparently taste homemade.  I got several compliments on my "from scratch" cookies.  


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