Engagement Cupcakes

So, remember those wedding shower cupcakes that I made last May?  Yeah, I basically made a variation on those this weekend and called them engagement cupcakes.  Yup.  I need to get back my creativity in cupcake decorating . . . I just didn't have time to think of anything new to do.  However, it partially has to do with the fact that I had leftover decorating materials from those cupcakes and I wasn't going to buy all new stuff when the colors worked.  So, it just happened that way.  AB commented that all the weddings recently amongst our friends have had at least one color in common -- blue.  So, they look similar.  But I'm ok with that.  I also used the same frosting recipe.  It's the best homemade frosting ever.  And it's so easy.

Aaaand, it uses a whole box of confectionery sugar.  And a stick of butter.  And a whole package of cream cheese.  It's gotta be good.

This time, the cupcakes were pumpkin cupcakes -- made from the same recipe as the cake for the pumpkin cake pops.  I was a little worried about the texture of the cake because of the lack of oil in it, but it wasn't too far off.  I think the taste totally made up for it.  Dad made them.  He finally got to do some baking because I didn't have time.  He's always complaining that I'm stealing the baking away from him.  I was too busy freezing at a high school football game to make them.
So, I made the cream cheese frosting and dyed it blue with my gel food coloring.  I love the gel food coloring.  I still have yet to use anything but the blue, but that's ok.  I almost made yellow too (our wedding colors are yellow and blue), but I decided those might feel too baby shower-ish, so I gave up on that.

I even had leftover papers from AMS's shower, so we had fun papers.  Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have gone out to find pretty ones, so I guess that's a plus of having leftovers!

I also had hummus to make and a chuch fair to go to with NES before the party, so simplicity was the name of the game.  I started out making every other cupcake with blue sugar and silver dragees.

The others were with white sugar and blue sugar pearls.

But I thought about it, and the white sugar reminded me of diamonds and the silver dragees obviously reminded me of silver, and you know, thinking of engagements and all, I thought they would be fun together.  So I switched a little.  I ended up going with white sugar and silver dragees.

And using the blue sugar and blue pearls together.

I decided I liked that combo better.  Really, all you need to make some pretty cupcakes is colored sugar and some sort of accent.  So simple, and pretty sophisticated, if I dare say so myself.

We had desserts covered: for 14 people, we had 23 cupcakes, a whole pan of the famous Mo' Brownies, and a whole English Sherry Trifle.
The trifle is a recipe from MJM's mother who grew up in England.  I have heard so many stories about her, and her trifle is definitely one of her legacies.  Now SJM makes it.  She even put a heart on the top for us.

Mom made some pretty awesome stuffed shells for the main course.  They were just from old recipes from the back of the pasta boxes.

They were so good.  And I have leftovers for this week.  Mmmm.
Now, I need to decide whether to go back tonight or in the morning . . . decisions, decisions.

Oh!  At the church fair, they had a fun little bake sale going on -- everything looked wonderful.  I definitely would have bought some desserts if we didn't have so many at home.  They even had a cupcake bar where you could frost and decorate your own cupcakes.  It looked like so much fun!  I love the idea!


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