Fall Snow

Two posts during the week of midterm doom?  Apparently.  Tonight, this is my sanity/I've-been-studying-for-hours-and-need-a-break break.

It's supposed to snow tonight.  At home, it's been snowing all afternoon.  Here's it's still just dreary cold rain.  Who knew what a difference 670 feet of elevation could make?

But dreary cold rain called for drastic measures.  First of all, when I got back here this afternoon, I just wanted tea and popcorn and to sit in the cozy kitchen at home and study there.  Tea by itself had to suffice.

However, it also called for a baked apple.  Baked apples have to be like my favorite fall food ever.  Maybe.  Don't quote me on that.

My obsession kind of started way back in my childhood when mom made them once.  Except she made them for real.  I remember them being sweet and gooey and amazing.  I've never quite hit the mark with my impromptu apples, but they are good none the less.  One day in undergrad, I discovered there was cinnamon in the dining hall, bought an apple, took sugar packets and a little condiment cup of cinnamon and made a baked apple in the dorm microwave.  It tasted like home.  It was wonderful.

Since then, I make them occasionally.  I even got a nifty apple corer contraption this summer (at the CIA, for that matter!), but of course it's at home.  Oh well.  I think I did pretty well coring an apple with what is basically a steak knife!
Anyway, after coring the apple, it just goes into a bowl.  Down the hole where the core was go a little sugar, cinnamon and whatever spices you like with apples.  I used nutmeg, cloves, ginger and allspice.  Mmmmmm.
Then, I microwaved it for 2 minutes.  When it's squishy and juicy, it's done.  As easy as that.  Mmmmm.
And it makes the kitchen smell really good.  Just don't put leftover Mexican food into the microwave right afterwards.  It kind of counteracts the smell.  Just a little.  Oops.

But I don't think this is too shabby for dinner on a cold, rainy, snowy(!) night of studying.
By the way, the best part of the apple is the gooey, spice-y, sugary juice at the bottom.  Don't leave it in there.  Seriously, best part.
Also, just an update on the quest for pumpkin granola.  This time, I added a pinch of salt and no juice.  First of all, I should have added more sugar to make up for the juice and maybe a little more of the spices.  However, it turned out very differently.  It's still not super pumpkin-y, but it is light and crunchy.  That recipe usually turns out very cakey for granola.  Interesting . . . Take two: a definite learning experience and a step toward what I am going for!


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