Basil Butter

So I don't have any pictures of this, but I have encountered a very interesting idea this weekend.  While at home this weekend, we were having corn for dinner with tomato mac and cheese.  I thought I had written about tomato mac and cheese last semester.  I know I made it at least.  But maybe not.  I love it.  Mom knows this.  She made it for me on Friday.  Thanks, Mom!  I will definitely have to make it sometime soon.

However, the interesting idea centered around the corn, not the mac and cheese.  We have what is called a "butter girl" sitting in the fridge.  Essentially, it is a plastic holder for a stick of butter to make buttering corn easy.  We started doing this when squeezable butter became a thing of the past.  Rest in peace, squeezable butter.

Anyway, her cover (a.k.a. the top of her head) doesn't close to an air tight seal, and she was sitting in the fridge with a cup of fresh-cut basil that made the fridge smell like basil.  Very strongly.

So, I spread the butter on my corn and took a bite and . . . well, it didn't taste like plain old corn.  Mom confirmed that it tasted like basil.  So essentially we had basil butter on our corn.

And it was pretty good.  It's not a normal combo, but I might just have to play around with the basil and corn combo.  Although, it's the very tail end of the corn season here now, so it might have to wait till next year.  But it's an idea.  And I want to play with it.


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