Epilogue: Leftovers Week

So, tonight ends leftovers week.  Well, really last night did.  Because tonight only the side dish was leftovers.

I'm supposed to be studying for a quiz.  But this is much more fun.  And I've been studying since, like, 4:00.  Well, I've off and on been studying since 4:00.  I have all evening though.  And there's still 15 minutes till baseball comes on to provide me with the necessary background noise and interest so I can concentrate.  I know that makes no sense, but I sometimes concentrate better with background stuff going on.  That was never a problem in my apartment last year, but here, things are much more lonely.  But anyway, go Detroit!  What am I going to do when baseball season ends for real?

Anyway, last night was the real leftover night:  I had leftover tomato mac and cheese from this weekend at home.  Mmmmm.  I really do need to make it some time.  It's so good.  Oh, and leftover roasted potatoes.  They are actually pretty good, even reheated.  I was surprised that they still tasted as good as they did.
And tonight, there were the rest of the potatoes.  Yum.  Oh, and an omelette.  I feel like omelettes are my go-to easy I-don't-know-what-to-cook-tonight-and-have-eggs-or-cheese-I-want-to-use-up meals.  Hey, it works.
So, just an idea for when you want to use up some eggs and make an omelette, but realize you have no veggies for filling -- use herbs.  It makes it feel slightly healthier and more substantial than just cheese and eggs, and it tastes good.  That's win-win in my book.
I made an omelette with feta cheese, thyme and oregano.  I wanted to put in green pepper, but my pepper went bad.  Sad day.

I can never seem to get my omelettes to be pretty and light and yellow like they are supposed to be.  I don't know why.  Oh, well, they taste good.  And they fulfill their purpose of using up eggs and cheese!


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