I managed to make one seriously amazing nutella mug cake yesterday after my concert.  Well, not one, but four. It was epic.

It was actually a decent concert too.  NES came for the first time, and mom and dad came, too!  It was exciting, but it meant one crazy dinner from 3 different places.  But eating on the common was great on such a beautiful day.

I was inspired by my new acquisition from the Borders going-out-of-business sale.  That's a story in and of itself.  I got a gift card for graduation, and there isn't a Borders around here, so I had to wait to go to one while I was around one.  I did go a few weeks before they announced they were closing, and couldn't find anything to buy. Then I went this week, and was deeply disappointed by the sale: 10% just barely seems worth it.  And most things really are only 10% off.  Oh well.  And they wouldn't even look things up.  This was my intended target.  However, after wandering around the store aimlessly for a long time, plus waiting in the really long check-out line, I came home with teacup-cupcake shells.  And a pasta cookbook.  Excellent.

So, needless to say, the teacups brought back memories of apartment mug cakes.  And when I discovered that the teacups were also microwaveable, they just begged to be used for MICROWAVE CAKE!

So, I did it.

I made the nutella microwave cake in a mug and split it amongst the four teacups.
And they were awesome.
I'm so excited.
And then, we put whipped cream on it.  It totally looked like, well, sort of looked like hot chocolate.  So awesome.
Then, because the cakes were still warm . . . yeah.  The whipped cream slipped right off.  Oh well.
Ok, so maybe I'm a little bit overexcited about these.  But there are four teacups, and they just beg to be made into mircowave cakes.  Who makes just four regular cupcakes?  They are perfect.  And yummy.


  1. OH MY GOSH THOSE ARE AMAZING. I haven't made microwave cakes since the apartment days, and it WILL happen again as soon as I have a microwave of my very own. Thank you for reminding me how glorious they are!


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