Granola, again

So I have survived yet another summer band concert.  Don't get me wrong -- I love playing and I like the people there, but sometimes getting eaten alive by bugs while playing music that isn't all that interesting and is being sight-read gets old.  Tonight was the first actual whole concert we got in -- the last two were either canceled because of or interrupted by thunderstorms.   Thank goodness for the fifteen minute intermission when I can catch up with high school friends.

Ok, I totally just made that sound way worse than it really is.  It's really not that bad.  I promise.  Although losing the mosquitoes would be a plus.

Anyway, I made granola yesterday.  I went back to my old tried and true recipe, but it almost failed me.  Well, not really, I almost failed it.
I actually made the full batch (three times the recipe from above) because I'm going to be feeding a lot of people this weekend.  More on that later.
The full recipe makes about a gallon ziplock bag full.  As you can see.  Or, it makes just about enough to cover 2 cookie sheets.
This is a huge bowl of oats and wheat germ.  You can't tell from the pictures.  It's a lot.
But, the granola burned.  After all that, the edges were burnt and the bottom was burnt.  I only put it in for 20 minutes and I know that this oven is not as hot as the one at school.  Still, it burned.
I think that was my fault though, because I didn't think to stir it in the middle.  I probably should have.  Note to self: stir granola halfway through cooking.
This time, for mix ins, I added pumpkin seeds, almonds, cinnamon and nutmeg.  As some of the people I am feeding it to don't like dried fruit, I am bringing golden raisins and craisins to be added later.  When I serve it.
That is what I love about this recipe: it's a great granola base recipe, and you can really do anything with it you want.  Apparently including burning it.  Oh well.


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