Garden Update Number Three

After being away for nearly the entire last week, and at the pace that this week is going, I haven't been cooking.  It's been a kind of welcome change, actually.  Granted, if I were just sitting here without any plans to cook or bake at all anytime in the near future, that could be a problem.  However, I have some tricks up my sleeve.  Well, ok, not really.  I just have some plans to bake/cook soon.

Also, today was a great mail day.  I got the first of a new magazine subscription (one I bought myself as a graduation present), a letter, a check, another note and recipes!  With no junk mail involved.  Now, I call that a great mail day!
However, while I have been of f gallivanting and abandoning the garden, it's been growing like crazy.  Everything has.  It apparently really liked that warm weather last week.  Even just from Thursday morning to Sunday evening, I am pretty sure that some of the squashes doubled in size.  The above picture was taken less than a week ago: last Thursday morning.  The below picture was taken today.  That is plain crazy.
Just so you know, I'm not completely abandoning my garden.  I still visit it every day that I am home.  It still gets plenty of love.

The most exciting new development is the formation of a bunch of baby butternut squashes.  The butternut squash plant was simply a "well, I guess we'll see if this grows" purchase, so I'm pretty excited that it's actually growing!
We also have some summer squash growing -- and they are getting big!  Well, they aren't ready yet, but they are growing and multiplying by the day!
We have a unprecedented number of tomatoes, too, and some of them are starting to show some signs of orange creeping in!  This is very exciting, because we usually don't end up picking tomatoes until the VERY end of the season.  I know they have a while to go, but I'm still excited at how many we have.
We even have one monstrous one.  It's at least twice as big as all the others!
The basil is huge.  Mom and I have decided that we need to have a pesto day soon to use some of it.  Hooray for pesto!!
We have a million little tiny cucumbers.  There are a few looking like they will be ready to pick within a week or so.
Even the little tiny plants have baby cucumbers on them!
Finally, the peppers are, well, the same.  They look great, but they are still green.  It sounds, from looking at websites, like they take a long time to change color, if they change at all.  I'll give them a while longer to try and change.
I believe in you peppers!
And also, dear garden, I am glad that you appreciated all the 90 degree + heat last week.  However, I will take today's weather over that any day!


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