Garden Update Number 2, with a Farmer's Market Visit

It's been another busy weekend.  I guess that's what summer is for.  With the busy weekends, it's been hard to make it to the good Farmer's Market in the next town over.  I have missed it, but it's just how it has gone.  This week, our town's Farmer's Market started.  Mom and I went, but it was pretty small.  They are hoping for growth this summer, and it's already bigger than last year.
The next town over has an amazing Farmer's Market.  It's huge and it just seems to be a magnet for good stuff.  For the size of the town, I'd say it's disproportionally large.  Not that I'm complaining.  I love it.
They have everything from the farm down the road to baked goods to crafts to goat cheese to farm raised meat. It's awesome.
There's even music.
This week's spoils included cucumbers, green beans, lettuce, blueberries, raspberries, zucchini and corn.   Hopefully tomorrow will be a more successful visit to our town's market.
I'm also very eagerly watching a pepper in our garden.
We have two (not just one, but two!) large peppers that just need to ripen.  Hooray!
We lost a zucchini plant.  Sad.
We also lost a buttercup squash plant.  Very sad.

However, the cucumbers are starting to flower and form.
We actually have tomatoes growing.

The butternut squash plant is getting big and starting to flower.
The summer squash, too.
And the basil is huge.  Which means pesto soon.  Yes.  
Also, I made bread again on Friday.  I wanted to make two small loaves instead of one big, so I used two little pans, and they weren't quite big enough.
I ended up with one pretty lopsided loaf.
It was sad looking.  But it tasted good.

It also took me three tries with the yeast this time instead of two.  Ugh.  I think they were all ok actually, but they didn't seem to bloom like the last one.  I apparently haven't quite conquered the yeast yet.  What I finally did was microwave the milk and water for 1:15 and measured the temperature with a meat thermometer because I was so frustrated.  When I did this, it still didn't seem to work right, but I was so frustrated by the third time that I just gave up, and it worked.


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