Camping Food

Sometimes when I've been camping for a few days, I just don't feel like coming back and reconnecting with technology.  I just don't want to check my email.  Or anything else for that matter.  But I have to.  Somehow camping makes it seem so unnecessary.  Maybe it's the running, or hiking, or swimming, or campfires, or friends, or wiffle ball, or frisbee, but there just doesn't even seem to be time in the day to think about missing the computer.  Granted, it's also kind of scary how many computers you see on campground tables, but that's another story.
So, yes.  I've been camping.  And it was wonderful.  If it could have been about 10-15 degrees cooler, it would have been perfect.  We only got rain at night, which was great, and the days were beautiful, if not HOT.  The people I was with (NES and his friends, including KEB and CJC) were hardcore enough that we did still get hiking, wiffle ball, frisbee and walking in.  They also did quite a bit of running, but during run number one, I tripped over a root in the trail and beat my knees and forehead up a little, so that ended the weekend's running for me.  Sad.
I also kind of feel like I ended up being the "mom" of the trip -- reminding people to bring things in at night, getting all the food out, etc.  Oh well.  I guess that being one of the responsible ones isn't all bad.
Each of the women besides CJC (who just got to have a relaxing weekend and meet new people!) planned and executed one of the dinners.  We did easy stuff for lunches and breakfast, and then went somewhat all out at dinner.  Did I mention that there were between 11 and 13 of us for dinner every night?  It was quite a feat.

KEB made fajitas.
It was a great vegetarian/non-vegetarian meal, filling, and all we had to do was saute stuff.
Impressive, but pretty easy overall.  And good.
We even had guacamole KEB had made and brought.  And we had pretty much a perfect amount of fillings.

Then I made fried rice.
 I used my usual recipe times four, but I did the veggies, eggs and rice separately.  I didn't have a big enough bowl to put the cooked stuff in.  Plus, I didn't want to wash it.  Or make anyone else wash it, as having 12 for dinner allows for the cooks to not clean.
I ended up serving the rice separately from the rice and veggies, which I mixed together.  It just made life easier.
I also brought the rice pre-made from home.  It was a LOT of rice.

We didn't have a can opener, which made for one interesting adventure for opening the bean sprouts.  Thanks, NES.
When it was all said and done, there was a little tiny bit left, but then again, one person didn't arrive till after dinner.  So, really, it made the perfect amount for 12.
Last night, we finally had the required meal of pancakes, sausage and eggs.
RB made it all herself.  She was so efficient, it was amazing.
It was a crazy amount of eggs.  There were so many of us.
But again, we basically ate it all.  No leftovers.  Crazy.

Then, of course, there were s'mores, pie and moon pies for dessert.  I should have taken a picture of the moon pies, but they were just so good that I couldn't wait that long to eat them!

It was such a fun weekend, and really, it wasn't all that crazy cooking for 12.  All of the granola didn't get eaten, but hey, I won't complain about having to bring that home!


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