The Royal Wedding

I still have yet to cook this week, but this morning was the Royal Wedding.  It was wonderful.  I missed the very end of the ceremony because I had to go to school, but still.  It was great.
I had every intention of making this to celebrate the wedding.  Then, I was thinking of making trifle.  Then, when I realized I had time for neither of  these and that it would be better to make breakfast, I thought about making scones.  But, to make a long story short, I just never had time.  I have no idea where this week went.  Wasn't Easter yesterday?

So, instead, we had tea and crumpets.  I didn't get to bake/cook something special, but tea and crumpets are okay in my book when time is crunched.
Then, just as the wedding began, the sun rose.  What a morning.   It was amazing.
I love England. I have never wanted more to be British in my life.  Oh well, back to real life.


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