Peep Jousting

Admit it, as hard as Peeps try to expand their offering to year round, the classics are the Easter peeps. Which puts us right in the middle of Peeps season. And the middle of Peeps season is the prime time for Peep jousting. I'll get back to real cooking and baking soon. Promise. First for the fun stuff.
Never heard of Peep jousting? Let me enlighten you. I was introduced to the concept by my friend MMS four or five years ago at Easter time. I haven't done it much since, but I had two relatively stale Peeps and a willing accomplice in Dad, so I decided it was time to revisit Peep jousting.

You take two Peeps, any size or color or variety, and stick toothpicks out of them. These are their weapons.
You then place them, relatively close to each other in the mircowave. Start the microwave going and watch carefully.
They will expand, and you want to stop the mircowave before they explode. Or do anything else messy. This is where I will warn you to be careful. There. Be warned.
Keep a close eye on whose Peep's toothpick sticks the other first. That Peep, and the Peep's owner are the winners. Please celebrate in whatever way seems best for such an epic victory.
And the Peeps are edible after . . . and taste a little bit like a toasted marshmallow. Weird, I know.

Apparently, peep jousting is pretty popular in some circles.  Who knew?

Finally, in homage to MMS: "OH THE PEEPMANITY!"


  1. lol I actually introduced one of my dunkin friends to peep jousting last week!


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