Pesto Flatbread Pizza

So here I am eating my traditional after school snack -- half a grapefruit, watching it snow, and enjoying what I am hoping (fingers crossed, knock on wood) will soon turn into a snow day and a half. The snow is almost in suspended animation and it's really pretty. We're supposed to get at least a foot of snow, if not more. Where are they going to put it? No one knows. The snow banks are getting awfully high around here. I don't mind though. I still felt like a little kid last night, I was so excited about the impending massive snowstorm, and even my hour plus drive today didn't dim my enthusiasm . . . much.

Anyway, I'm finally taking a break from lesson plans. I actually got more done this weekend then I let on. I mostly had them done on Saturday, even with granola making to distract me.

To finally relax after a weekend of lesson planning, NES came over for dinner and I made pesto pizzas. They are ridiculously easy. And yummy. Usually when I make pesto pizza, I make it on a pre-made crust or dough, but I had a couple of flatbreads leftover from wraps. So I made use of them.
Flatbreads + frozen pesto from this summer + sliced fresh mozzarella = ridiculous easy pizzas.
So I spead pesto on flatbread, added a few slices of fresh mozzarella and baked them for about 5 minutes at 425 degrees (but I'd watch them if I were you -- I basically just waited till they looked crispy).
The crusts actually held up to the pesto, which I was worried about. I think I have a new favorite easy, but impressive seeming dinner!
P.S. Fudge covered ritz = one of those sounds-weird-but-tastes-good foods. Seriously.


  1. I love pesto-topped pizzas. Some of my favorite toppings that go well with pesto include thinly sliced onions, artichoke hearts, and spinach. Mmm. :)


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